Secure Escort

Transport services for children and young people provided in a thoughtful and compassionate manner.

What we do

Children in care are frequently transported at short notice, often in a state of crisis and across great distances. These escorts may be traumatic and cause further anxiety.

In 2018, Fair Ways commenced providing secure and non-secure escorts as a personalised service to our social care partners. This service is available for both planned and emergency escorts 7 days per week.

Safety is Important

Fair Ways secure escort service is not outsourced, instead provided by Fair Ways staff and in line with Fair Ways values. In each secure transport, the young person will remain safe, secure and treated fairly and compassionately.

Our services will also offer secure hospital bed watch and court supervision and containment where required.

World-Class Staff

Fair Ways staff are trained in Advanced Team-Teach practices and in managing all levels of risk to ensure the safe transport of young people. Fair Ways provide a professional and personalised service in unbranded vehicles. Each secure escort will ensure the correct ratio of staff to young people to ensure risks are mitigated.

Above all, the ethos of this service is that it is delivered in a compassionate and respectful manner and that the young person feels safe.

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