Level 3 Certificate in Work with Parents

Level 2 Award in Work with ParentsGet the skills you need to work effectively with parents, helping them to understand their role and meet their children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs in family life. A Certificate in Work with Parents is for anybody supporting and working with parents and children in an array of different settings.

Course Aim

This qualification at Level 3 is to meet the needs of candidates who work or want to work as:

  • Parent liaison officers
  • Home School Support Advisers
  • Parent Support Advisers
  • Parenting group leader/facilitator
  • Parenting support home visitor
  • Senior support workers
  • Multi-agency staff delivering parenting support e.g. Youth Offending teams
  • Family practitioners
  • Parenting practitioners in settings that provide services to parents

Learning Outcomes

To achieve this qualification you must achieve a minimum of 30 credits, 21 credits must be achieved from the mandatory units and a minimum of 9 credits from the optional.

Mandatory Unit

  • Build and maintain relationships in work with parents (6 credits)
  • Work with parents to meet their children’s needs (3 credits)
  • Enable parents to develop ways of handling relationships and behaviour that contribute to everyday life with children (3 credits)
  • Enable parents to reflect on the influences in parenting and the parent-child relationship (6 credits)
  • Effective communication with parents (3 credits)

Optional Units

  • Support parents to gain knowledge and access information services (3 credits)
  • Contribute to providing safe and inclusive environments for parents (3 credits)
  • Support parents to meet their children’s needs (3 credits)
  • Contribute to work with groups of parents (3 credits)
  • Build and maintain team relationships with colleagues engaged in work with parents (3 credits)
  • Reflect on and update own knowledge and practice (3 credits)
  • Build and maintain relationships with the wider community (3 credits)
  • Work with groups of parents (3 credits)
  • Provide services that meet parents’ needs (3 credits)
  • Engage parents in their children’s early learning (3 credits)
  • Engage young parents in supporting their children’s learning and development (3 credits)
  • Engage fathers in their children’s early learning (3 credits)
  • Work with parents to understand and meet their own needs (3 credits)
  • Deliver services that value and respect parents (3 credits)
  • Provide environments that are sensitive to the culture, religion, gender or disability of the parents (3 credits)
  • Caseload management (3 credits)
  • Support families with complex and multiple needs towards learning, training and employment (4 credits)
  • Support parents in their couple relationship (3 credits)
  • Support parents to understand and manage the impact of their conflict on children (4 credits)


To achieve the Level 3 Certificate, you need to provide evidence of your knowledge and understanding as well as your practical competence in the real working environment.

  • Your performance through observations, witness testimonies or reflective accounts
  • Knowledge through assignments, work products, professional discussion and group work

Course Criteria

  • 85% attendance (doesn’t apply to distance learning)
  • Portfolio (made up of your knowledge and performance evidence)

Duration: 9 months, but can be completed sooner.