Fair Ways Foundation – Under Construction

Fair Ways Foundation is UK Registered Charity with the objectives to:

  • Address social exclusion;
  • Improve health and wellbeing;
  • Promote education and literacy;
  • Support vulnerable children and young people; and
  • Support vulnerable people and families.

The Foundation is currently in the process of finalising the purchase of Fairways Care (UK) Ltd. This transaction is scheduled to complete before the end of June 2015. Fairways Care will then become a wholly owned subsidiary of the charity. All profits from the company will then be either re-invested in to additional services and used to finance and fulfil the charities objectives which include:

a. Establishing and administering annual education bursaries for young people who have left the care system. The Foundation will ensure that further education opportunities will be available to individuals who otherwise would not have this opportunity.

b. Support, financially or otherwise, services delivered to young people in need who otherwise would not qualify for the funding that is required to meet that identified need – such as therapy delivered by qualified BACP Registered therapists.

c. Acquire or develop property to provide suitable accommodation for care leavers who otherwise would not qualify for adult services support.

d. Promote and educate society with respect to the plight of looked after children and young persons.

Further information on how individuals can apply for such support, or how professionals can apply on behalf of individuals will be issued over the coming months.


The Fair Ways Foundation was incorporated as a new company and registered with the UK Charity Commission (Charity Registration Number 1,159,854) in October 2014.

It was formed by the Shareholders of Fairways Care (UK) Ltd which was a highly successful, profitable Independent Childcare Company.
The shareholders recognised that as small, family run, caring businesses get bigger they often become more and more focussed on profit above quality of care – especially when they are taken over or bought out by larger businesses.

With decades of experience between them working for Local Authority Children’s Services departments they also recognised that often local authorities can appear more focussed on saving money than on the quality of care. They understood that high quality, well trained, well paid staff is the key to low staff turnover, consistency for service users and essential if you want to deliver an outstanding service.

They wanted to ensure that the business would never grow so big, or be taken over and run in a manner that focussed on profit or cost cutting before quality. The cutting of staff numbers, of training and of support to staff is often the first step of an organisation that has an unrealistic slashing of its budget, or an organisation with shareholders who have an expectation of a large financial return. Fair Ways Foundation was established specifically to prevent these concerns happening now or at any point in the future. The shareholders made a decision that by selling the company and obtaining full charitable status they could ensure the following:

  • The organisation’s primary and only goal would be the delivery of outstanding services to meet the charitable objectives
  • ALL future profits would be re-invested in the charitable objectives
  • No dividends would be paid or individuals make any personal benefit from future profits
  • As a medium sized successful commercial enterprise the innovation, flexibility, business acumen and creativity associated with the private sector could be merged with the ethics and values of a charity
  • By incorporating these values in to company constitution,the social mission and therapeutic ethos would be written in to company’s DNA