Your role as a carer

Every child is different, but they all need care, support and encouragement.
These are some of the responsibilities that you will be expected to fulfil as a carer:

  • Provide a warm and safe family environment in your home
  • Promote attendance at school and encourage achievement
  • Be consistent and fair so that you build trust and mutual respect
  • Encourage contact with the birth families (where permitted)
  • Attend training and support groups to develop your career and fostering skills
  • Meet regularly with your Social Worker to plan your foster child’s development
  • Provide accurate written records of your foster child’s life and ensure that any relevant information is passed on
  • Give the child or young person the opportunity to develop outside interests or hobbies
  • Prepare them to move away from care either back to their birth parents or to independent living
  • Have fun and enjoy a rewarding career

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