Support You Receive

At Fairways we believe that the quality of support is an essential element to what makes a foster placement successful.

If you are considering fostering then ensure that you take the levels of support you will receive seriously in to consideration when looking at who you would like to foster with.

Regular Support and Supervision Our social workers (all qualified social workers – NOT unqualified inexperienced family support workers) have a maximum caseload of 10 fostering households. Naturally the result of this is that as a foster carer you will have far more time proportionately than a carer in an agency or department where the social worker is holding far more cases.
A Variety of Solutions for Crisis Intervention Sometimes children/young people go through crisis for a variety of reasons and in some cases their behaviour may become unmanageable in a family setting. Should this happen to you, Fair Ways Foster Care has access to unprecedented support services because of our in-house access to a variety of emergency/respite solutions designed for crisis intervention if necessary. We have our own accommodation in the New Forest which can be staffed by experienced support workers at short notice and a crisis unit in Wales in addition to respite carers who work for us. These extra support resources allow us to help you immediately and tailor a response to any critical situation. Other agencies do not have these resources to hand.
Skilled Experienced Support Workers Often placed children will benefit from specific 1:1 work with a support worker to build a relationship with and work through behavioural or emotional difficulties they may have. Fair Ways Foster Care have access to over 50 skilled and experienced support workers who can offer you and your child extra support, in addition to your named social worker. It may be that you as a carer need a short break, and the same support worker will be able to take your foster child out for an activity or 1:1 work whilst you have some time to yourself.
Fair Ways Own Registered School and Educational Staff Fair Ways have our own unique Ofsted registered special needs school for children/young people who may not have an educational placement, are excluded or are school phobic. This is another exclusive resource for carers to access if deemed necessary. Our experienced educational staff can also support re-integration back into mainstream schooling. Again this resource is unrivalled by other agencies.
Planned Respite Care At Fair Ways Foster Care we recognise the importance of you having a break and are actively offer carers respite, as this can make the difference to the success and longevity of your placement. Planned respite gives carers a chance to recharge if the going gets tough. Having a large number of support workers that can be matched to a child’s need for 1:1 time away from the home aids a successful placement. Our belief that “prevention is better than cure” works and is valuable to both child and carer.
Foster Carer’s Support Group Fair Ways Foster Care carer’s meet regularly to share experiences and enjoy the opportunity to build supportive relationships with other carers. Additionally, Following a carer being approved, Fair Ways Foster Care will pay for your membership to the national foster care organisation Fostering Network. They provide support, regular newsletters, access to independent advice and representation if necessary.
Therapeutic Support Services As well as an agency manager Fairways Foster Care has a full time manager of Therapeutic Care and Psychotherapist. This enable carers to work through challenging issues with the young people placed as well as giving the young people placed the opportunity to receive direct 1:1 therapy where appropriate.