Specialist Fostering

Specialist Fostering is the most advanced career opportunity offered by Fair Ways and is only available to experienced Foster Carers.

This is an innovative and unique model of fostering that through an individually tailored and structured approach offers fostering to young people with more complex needs.

The core of this model uses psycho dynamic principles to identify attachment issues and seeks to provide healing relationships going forward. Young people benefit from specially trained and highly experienced foster parents who are extensively supported by Fair Ways Network Professionals.

Carers chosen for this career path will benefit from increased levels of pay, additional support, training and respite.

“Having a small team of social workers that I know, and that know me is really important to me. My social worker has a much smaller caseload than other agencies which means that they are there to give me more support when my young person is in crisis.”

Wendy, Fair Ways Foster Carer, Southampton

Support Network - Specialist Fostering