What sets Fair Ways apart?

“Highest levels of Pay…”

Allowances and Career Development

We believe fostering is a profession and we value our carers, so treat them as professionals, rewarding them for their skills, commitment and care.

We pay carer allowances that reflect the age and complexity of the child together with a carer’s individual experience, skills, and commitment to ongoing professional development. We provide career development opportunities to enable all carers to acquire the skills and confidence to provide the best care. Our unique training opportunities provide you a personal training pathway, so while you develop valuable skills and confidence in caring for others, your financial reward increases accordingly.

The fortnightly Foster Carer payment is divided into two parts: the Maintenance Element, covers the cost of looking after a child/young person and the Reward Element in recognition of your valuable skills as a Foster Carer.

Fair Ways seeks to ensure their carers will be the best rewarded both financially and emotionally.

Employment status

Foster Carers are deemed by the Inland Revenue to be self-employed, and as such can access various tax benefits. We recommend that carers seek advice and guidance from their local Inland Revenue office or The Fostering Network, as individual circumstances differ.

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