Fostering may be required for a variety of reasons

Some children or young people have been harmed, may have been at risk of harm or their birth family may not be able to care for them. Often a crisis in the child’s family, abuse, alcohol/drug addictions, mental health issues or parents who are unable to cope for a variety of reasons are behind a child needing to be fostered.

Foster children range in age from infants to age 18, and come from a variety of racial, ethnic, social backgrounds. The children and young people are going through troubled times and need care, protection and support. They may have disabilities/special needs that their birth parents are struggling to cope with.

The kind of harm a child may have experienced may include sexual, physical or emotional abuse, abandonment or chronic neglect. Many have had few role models and little encouragement to succeed or to have any ambitions. In most cases, these children and young people have been betrayed by adults therefore they are sometimes unwilling or unable to trust adults for fear of more rejection. Many have experienced a chaotic and unhappy childhood.

Special needs children needing foster care include the disabled child, children with medical conditions or physical or learning disabilities, such as autism, hyperactivity, or attention deficit. In some cases the child may need to be placed in a foster home that has a downstairs bathroom and bedroom. Some may need special medication or care routines.
Who are Foster Children Fair Ways Foundation Fostering Residential Care Education SouthamptonThese children and young people deserve the best society can provide to keep them safe and secure.  Fostering within a family environment is the best solution to enable them to learn to feel protected, supported and start to realise their own potential. A foster placement provides the stability and normality that is needed for children and young people to develop and help them through difficult times in their lives.  This means a range of different foster carers are needed to meet the needs of different children.

Above all, when fostering with Fairways Foster Care, you are certainly not alone in caring for these vulnerable children. Of course, you becoming a foster carer will make you central in the undertaking of positive change and experience, but our Collective Caring ethos and extensive team support gives you all the very necessary backing needed for you to be able to foster successfully. If you decide that fostering is for you, during your assessment process you can explore further with your social worker what type of needs you could best meet.