Foster Carer Benefits

You’re guaranteed unparalleled levels of support, training and career opportunities as a foster carer with Fair Ways.

  • You will receive comprehensive training leading to accredited professional qualifications, so you will have the confidence and skills to deal with any challenges from children who have had a difficult start in life
  • Your social worker will only look after up to 9 other families, so there’s more time and support for you, and you’ll have comfort and peace of mind knowing they’re always there when you need them
  • Your social worker will know you, your foster child and the circumstances of your placement, so they have the knowledge and understanding to deal with all of your concerns
  • You will receive a generous fostering allowance and have a rewarding professional career, making a real difference to a young person’s life
  • Unlike other agencies, if you choose to have a break from fostering, Fair Ways has opportunities for temporary employment in our other care settings so you have the security of knowing you have a regular income
  • If you’re an experienced carer looking to transfer we’ll do the work, making your move easy and stress free

“The training I received at Fair Ways was not only accredited but was far more specific and tailored to the children we look after than mandatory training received elsewhere.”Alesha C. Fair Ways Foster Carer – Portsmouth