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Charity Owned Foster Care Agency based in Southampton

As a fostering agency, we at Fair Ways have built a strong reputation for excellence in providing high level services for children and young people in the south of England since 2003. We are proud representatives of our parent organisation Fair Ways Foundation – a charity dedicated to improving the lives of society’s most vulnerable people.

Bournemouth in Dorset is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer in Bournemouth, Fair Ways provides the highest level of quality support to carers, to ensure they have the skills and confidence to enjoy a rewarding professional career.

Making a difference, not a profit.

Fostering in Bournemouth is not just a worthy experience, it is also an opportunity to be trained in transferrable skills and also receive a generous remuneration package to make sure your family is comfortable. Many of our foster carers relish the opportunity to work from home and watch their families grow.

Fostering In Bournemouth – A Real Story

“I started my fostering placement with Debbie and Fair Ways when I was heavily pregnant. I was terrified and scared to enter a new house of people I didn’t know, all that was going through my head was I wanted to be at home with my Mum.

It was a tough first couple of weeks but I got there in the end. Debbie gave me a lot of good advice whilst I was bringing my baby into this world about stuff I should know for mine and my baby’s sake.

I’ve also established a really good relationship with all those in the household which I didn’t think I would do. Debbie was there for me a lot near the end of my pregnancy and she got to witness me bringing my baby into this world and was really brilliant. I actually don’t know what I would’ve done without her at the time. I was scared and terrified, I just wanted my Mum, but Debbie helped me pull through before going to the hospital.

Debbie has helped me understand the good and bad things I’ve done with my baby. I’ve messed up on a few things and it’s a terrible feeling as you think you’re going to have your baby taken away. That’s a mistake I kept making. Debbie has taught me how to communicate with my baby. Even if I never seemed like I was listening, I always did. Debbie has taught me to cook and if it wasn’t for her, I would not know half of what I know now. She has got me so far.

Debbie’s family are brilliant and have been amazing to me and my baby since I’ve been in placement. It’s going to be horrible to leave but Debbie has done an amazing job and has established a great relationship with us which we’ll always have. I’ll always thank her for everything she’s done and getting us this far.”

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