Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some frequently asked questions. For more information call us on 02380 230400 and ask as many questions as you need to.

Fair Ways believes that the best care for a placed child is achieved by having one carer at home full time. However there may be circumstances where you are able to continue working, this will depend on your individual and family situation.
No, not necessarily. Ideally you will have some experience of working with children or parenting. Our training will develop your skills and abilities, and we will support you every step of the way.
Without doubt. Your family will all have different views so it is important that they are listened to and their feelings and circumstances carefully considered. However they will benefit by getting to know children from different backgrounds and appreciate the advantages they have of a secure and loving family.
The assessment is an important and thorough process which usually takes between 3 and 5 months. We carry out a range of checks on all members of your household. However your assessing social worker is there to guide you through the process and most carers find it an enjoyable experience.
None. Whilst a good level of qualifications are useful, you will not be required to have any specific qualifications in order to become a Foster Carer. Once you have become an approved Foster Carer, you will then be offered additional training.
Yes. Carers are paid every 2 weeks. For more information on specific allowances, please visit our page here.

The age of children who require fostering can vary from birth to 18 years. In some circumstances, it is possible for a foster child to remain living with the Foster Carers after the age of 18.

Here at Fair Ways, we will ensure your dedicated Supervising Social Worker has no more than 9 other families where as this number will likely be substantially more in Local Authorities. We also guarantee to provide the highest levels of pay as well as committing to having the best trained carers.
No. Your pets will be assessed during your assessment.
We have experienced Social Workers who will search for a placement for you. Our detailed matching criteria looks to ensure breakdown of placements are a rarity. Once this has been agreed, we will then put a support package in place to ensure the best possible levels of support are available to both you and your fostered child.