Pay Structure

Foster Care Pay StructureWe view fostering as a profession. As such we treat our carers as professionals and provide career development opportunities to enable all carers to acquire the skill levels and confidence to operate at the highest level.

Our unique training opportunities provide you a personal training pathway, so while you develop valuable skills and confidence in caring for others, your financial reward increases accordingly.

Fair Ways have structured carer pay in two separate ways. The first reflects the age (and complexity) of the child. The second is the “Level” of the carer. This reflects the amount of experience, training and ongoing competence that the carer is able to evidence.

Categories of Young People

  • Aged 0 – 4
  • Aged 5 – 10
  • Aged 11 +
  • Parent and Child
  • Sibling Group

Carer Levels*

  1. Basic – First six months of fostering
  2. CWDC Workbook completed
  3. NVQ III (or equivalent) completed
  4. Working towards Level 4 course
  5. Completed Level 4 Specialist Therapeutic course

Typical examples of pay

  • A first time carer that has completed their induction, with no other experience, could receive in excess of £360 per week for each child placed.
  • A Level 3 carer for a child aged 11+ at Fair Ways receives in excess of £500 per week for each child placed.
  • Every carer has the opportunity to progress on to becoming Level 4 specialist Therapeutic Carers by undertaking professional accredited in house training (See our Training Section the Website) where they have an opportunity to receive in excess of £600 per week for one child in placement.