What sets Fair Ways apart?

 “….Best Supported Carers”

Supporting Our Carers

Experienced Foster carers know that the level and quality of support is the key differentiator between Fostering Agencies, yet vital to the success of placements. Fair Ways provides the highest level of quality support to carers, to ensure they have the skills and confidence to enjoy a rewarding professional career.

Additionally you’ll receive:

  • 14 days paid holiday a year
  • A guarantee that your social worker will only look after 10 families, so will have more time for you and your foster child
  • An individual bespoke support and respite arrangement for each carer
  • Mentoring by another Foster Carer for first time carers
  • Therapeutic services to support both you and any child placed
  • Access to educational support through Fair Ways schools
  • Emergency respite solutions in the event of any crisis intervention
  • Play and activity schemes for both fostered and birth children
  • Carer support meetings to share experiences and build relationships

“Having a small team of social workers that I know, and that know me is really important to me. My social worker has a much smaller caseload than other agencies which means that they are there to give me more support when my young person is in crisis”.

Wendy, Fair Ways Foster Carer, Southampton

Use the table below to read more about unique support we offer our carers:

Fostering Support You Receive
You will have a dedicated Qualified Social Worker, who has a maximum ca­se load of just 10 Foster Carers which ensures they work closely with you and are available in times of crisis. You will have formal supervision every 4 weeks, but have weekly contact. They will visit your foster child a minimum of every four weeks and any birth children quarterly.

Foster Carer Career Development Plan

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