Fairy Garden Progress Update: January 2019

So here we are, post-Christmas and over six months into the Fair Ways Fairy Garden Project.
We are continuing to push through the bitterly cold weather this month and reflect on what has been accomplished in this short space of time.

Our amazing chainsaw artist Chris Bain has worked closely with students from our Swanwick School since September 2018, in order to create our amazing work of art. We now have a beautifully carved tree, complete with dragon, fairy, owl and castle! Students have worked hard week after week with the clearing of the site, design, and production of the garden.

Work is currently taking place on the old tennis court next to the tree stump, with a 20-foot long giant sequoia redwood picnic table soon to be in place. A majestic wizard stands guard over the site whilst the fairy on the top of the tree is reading a “Fair Ways Tale” to the dragon; named “Alan” by one of our students!

Over the Christmas break, each student was given the task of creating their own “emblem” which will be carved into the side of the tree along with the Fair Ways logo. Additionally, Chris will also be carving the names of the three former service users that recently passed away into the tree as a memoriam.

It will be wonderful for our staff and young people to go there when it’s finished and tell people of the part they played in its creation. We can’t wait to see family, friends and members of the public having picnics and enjoying the Fair Ways Fairy Garden for generations to come. The Fair Ways Fairy Garden will ultimately become part of the already amazing history of Royal Victoria Country Park and we are so proud of what our service users have helped accomplish.

We would also like to extend our thanks to park workers, as well as volunteers, who have been among the people helping out to clear the site in order to get it all ready and looking amazing.