Fair Ways creates a Fairy Garden at Royal Victoria Country Park

Fair Ways Fairy Garden is being constructed between September 2018 and January 2019 at Royal Victoria Country Park.  This spectacular Project will see the stump of a felled cedar tree transformed into a medieval theme of castles, dragons and of course fairies. In addition the felled wood will also create a supersized picnic table and area for users of Royal Victoria Country Park.

The Great Cedar

For over 140 years, the magnificent cedar tree stood in Royal Victoria Country Park but sadly in 2018 it had to be felled due to disease and safety reasons.

Rather than allowing the memory of the tree to be forgotten, Hampshire County Council and Royal Victoria Country Park sought to create a fitting memorial for the great cedar.  They have generously allowed the remaining tree stump and surrounding area to be developed by Fair Ways into a Fairy Garden and picnic area.  Fair Ways have commissioned a professional wood sculptor to carve the stump into the medieval theme and with the support of students and staff from three Fair Ways schools, they will also clear the surrounding area and install the picnic area, again created from the felled timber.

This is a fabulous project giving a second life to a much loved tree.

The Plan

Work on our Fairy Garden will officially commence on Saturday 22nd September 2018.
As chainsaw sculpting is weather dependent, there is no defined work schedule, however the work will take place in daylight hours, on fine weather days over the following four months. In this period, the area will be transformed by pupils from three Fair Ways schools, and all the sculptures will be carved on site.

Christopher Bain is a professional Chainsaw Sculptor, based in Hampshire, who creates unique pieces of art as a beautiful way to provide a second life to a memorable or historic trees. (For more information on Chris Bain, please see our blog below) 

Fair Ways Fairy Garden will be one of his largest commissions and will provide a medieval theme of Castles and Dragons and of course Fairies. The garden will also be an area for families and other Royal Victoria Country Park users to meet and picnic. The great Cedar can therefore continue to provide pleasure for many years to come.

Visiting the Site

We would actively encourage members of the public to visit the site and view the works in progress. Over the coming months, we would love to hear your comments as the garden develops.

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