Fair Ways statement on COVID-19

From the outset of our planning for the coronavirus pandemic, Fair Ways agreed three strategic aims:

  1. We will continue to provide care for all our young people in situ where possible. 
  2. We will continue to pay our staff.
  3. We will ensure all regulations are adhered to.

Our greatest challenge is to ensure we continue to have enough staff available to meet the demands of our services.  

Over the past weeks, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that all of our services remain available to new and existing service users. The response from our staff has been extraordinary in adapting to changes in working practices. 

We confirm that all of Fair Ways services remain open, including Fair Ways schools and continue to deliver a full service to all young people and carers, often in new, innovative and adapted ways. 

We recognise this is a time of anxiety for all, and we are actively supporting the welfare and emotional needs of our staff, young people and carers.

We continue to closely follow the latest advice from the Government, and implement all recommendations as they arise. 

And we thank all our staff for their dedication and continued hard work in this difficult and challenging time. 

To all our local authority partners, customers and friends of Fair Ways, please stay safe, look after yourselves and look out for others and thank you for your ongoing support.