Fair Ways School Summer Term – News & Events

Sensory Beach Project

The students created the “Totton Beach” which saw loads of sand and some very interesting “seaweed” come right into our garden! We did work on sun and sea awareness, such as the importance of sun cream and being safe in the water.

The beach was a lovely sensory space for students to chill and play with the sand or relax out in the beach chairs.

We even spent one week litter picking at Lepe Beach to make it nice and tidy, having a lovely beach picnic with hot dogs and burgers on the Friday to celebrate the hard work!

International Music week

Another project students worked on was International Music Week. For this, students listened to a variety of music selections from all over the world and had discussions around what different cultures use music for. We discussed different instruments that are popular with different cultures and how these are different to the ones we commonly see in England.

World Food Week

We celebrated World Food Week – trying different foods from all over the world! We had sauerkraut from Germany, samosas from India, olives from Spain, and brie from France along with many others. The students got to try all the food they wanted, including some they had never eaten before!

Exams and Outcomes

It was an extremely successful academic year for Fair Ways and our young people. Our young people achieved qualifications ranging from Entry Level 1 to GCSE Grade B, in subjects including:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Catering

We had 11 different young people sitting Entry Level, Functional Skills and GCSE exams with their success allowing them to have progressed onto to college, apprenticeships, our Post 16 site or stay with us to improve on what they have already achieved.  None of these achievements would be possible without the commitment of our teaching staff and support workers, but most importantly the hard work put in by all the young people.