Fair Ways School Autumn Term – News & Events

We are quickly progressing through the term and towards, dare I say… Christmas!!

With that in mind, here are just a few of the great things we have been doing at Fair Ways Schools over the last few weeks!

Black History Month

The students engaged in Black History Month with some of the students choosing a famous black person to speak about. We looked at many different people who have helped change the world; whether it be in politics, sports, activists, singing, films or many other ways. We learnt about the civil rights movement and listened to some of Martin Luther King Jr.’s very famous speech. We watched a video describing why there is a need for Black History Month which started some excellent discussions between the young people.

MacMillan Coffee morning

Our students have engaged brilliantly in putting on a fantastic MacMillan Coffee Morning. The students all made lovely cakes to be sold as well as dressing up in onesies and pyjamas. They even managed to persuade staff to take part and wear funny onesies to work! A table was set up outside to sell the cakes and we made a total of £79.00 to donate to MacMillan!