Making our difference

Each year we commit funds for our
‘make a difference' initiatives.

making a difference

At Fair Ways, we speak about ‘making a difference’. We believe we can achieve this is by challenging the perceptions of society about the young people in our care. Too often they are written off, or dismissed, as being anti-social and a burden on society.

Unsurprisingly we disagree and part of our mission is education, not only of the young people in our care but also to a wider audience. As a charity-owned organisation we have the opportunity to change perspectives and add value in unexpected ways.


We ‘make our difference’ in three ways, for our staff, in our local communities and through visionary initiatives. All of our initiatives involve our staff and service users.

Local Community Initiatives

We have a social responsibility to give back to our local communities – but we like to do it differently.

Global Initiatives

The cause of disadvantaged children is global. Perhaps we can’t change the world, but we can try and provide life-changing experiences for our young people as well.

Engagement Initiatives

The idea of bringing staff and service users together, creating a sense of achievement and pride. This will provide opportunities to service users that they may not otherwise have had.

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