SEMH School

Fair Ways School is a small, independent Special Therapeutic Education Provision (STEP) for boys and girls with social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH) between the ages of 11 and 19 years. Based in Swanwick, the school is registered for up to 20 pupils on both specialist sites, of which 5 can be post 16 placements. Our students either have an Education Health Care Plan (ECHP) or are undergoing statutory assessment. They have all been identified as having complex and additional needs.

We deliver a holistic approach and bespoke timetable to each pupil supporting both their academic and emotional needs. The school provides therapy and pastoral support to all young people with regular assessment plans.

Students are placed with us when most other mainstream or specialist schools have failed them. As such, they are likely to have been out of education for a long period of time having exhausted multiple placements. They come from a variety of backgrounds including family homes, foster care and residential units, but most are Looked After Children (LAC) by the local authority.

Pupils’ individual timetables meet their academic needs but with equal emphasis on emotional and social development. A high staff to student ratio ensures a safe environment to explore the difficulties of learning or socialising in larger groups.

Our experienced and skilled staff tailor individual behaviour management strategies to improve pupils’ self-esteem and confidence. Young people develop their ability to build relationships, manage their own behaviour and eventually become motivated and enthusiastic learners.

We Always Ensure

  • No one is disadvantaged educationally and that education provision is a continuous process
  • They either continue their education in the maintained sector or within our own educational organisation with all of the necessary support and provision required
  • They are encouraged to achieve, whatever their abilities, and are confident in their abilities and those achievements
  • Those pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) have those needs met as part of a continuous educational process
  • Those concerned with the education of young people in care constantly strive to deliver high standards in all aspects of education
  • The pupils needs are catered for and that we provide an educational experience in which they can learn without fear or anxiety
  • They receive constant encouragement to, and are able to succeed
  • The requirements of the National Curriculum are taken into consideration as far as possible and that pupils proceed through the examination system appropriate to their abilities and needs
  • All pupils see the celebration of achievement

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‘Students, who have previously been excluded from school and experience severely unsettled education, engage in learning and make good progress’OFSTED
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