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6 September 2017 to 21 December 2017
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20 October 2017 to 29 October 2017
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22 December 2017 to 3 January 2018
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School starts and finishes at 12pm at both the beginning and the end of an Academic Term


Admissions Fair Ways Southampton Hampshire UKStudents are referred to Fair Ways School because the severity and diversity of their needs is such that they cannot be met effectively in other local Schools or Special Units. If we aspire to meet such needs, it is essential that a systematic approach be adopted and that planning commences at the time of referral.

Referrals to Fair Ways School are generally made through the local authority in which the child lives; either for educational or social reasons. However, particularly if the child has a Education, Health, care Plan or statement of special educational needs parents are hearing of our work and identifying us as the school of choice for their children.

In the first instance, when considering a referral, contact the Head of School, who will be happy to arrange a look around the school and a talk on the processes in place to support the students. once the decision is made to go ahead with the referral, staff from the school will arrange to go out to the prospective student (hopefully) in their current school or at home, and carry out a pre-placement assessment and design a 6 week transition time table.

Parents Meetings

Parents Meetings Fair Ways Southampton Hampshire UKFair Ways School commit to supporting our students and encouraging the positive development of their social and emotional needs. The objective of the parent support meetings is to provide a space were parents and carers can be part of a facilitated space where they can share information about their children’s presenting behaviour.

The unconscious objective is to provide an emotional holding environment where difficult feelings and behaviour can be explored held on to and unpicked. The facilitators can also provide parents and carers with support i.e. techniques to manage behaviour at home, and, in time, develop an understanding of different forms of communication.

Fair Ways School strongly promote the imperative sharing of information between parents, carers and the school in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the child; supporting their social learning and enhancing their engagement within their academic lessons. The aim is to provide a consistent approach in managing behaviour and emotions between the School and parents.

Parent support meetings are held regularly. Please contact the school administrator or Therapeutic Lead for more details on group sessions. If parents prefer the Pastoral team can meet with you on an individual basis at home or in school.

Online Safety Advice

Expert information to help children and young people stay safe online.

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Expert information to help safeguard children and young people from the threat of terrorism

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