ASC School

Fair Ways ASC School is located in Totton, Southampton. The school is a specifically designed learning environment for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Conditions. This nurturing environment and high ratio of teaching staff provides autistic pupils with the opportunity to develop their academic ability, social and communication skills.

We have high ambitions and aspirations for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC). We are always striving for them to reach their full potential and be included in all aspects of school life and society. We seek to provide an inclusive education for all young people with special educational needs and in particular young people with ASC as per the schools vision.

Fair Ways School has been very successful in supplying education for children with autism. The therapeutic setting along with the experienced staff team has allowed ASC children who have completely detached from school begin to engage again. The nurturing, consistency high staff teaching ratio has allowed ASC students to develop in their academic ability, social skills and build on successful communication rather than present challenging behaviour.

We recognise the importance of helping pupils with autism to develop problem solving skills to promote independence both in school and in transition to adult life. We strongly believe in creating an individualised timetable to meet each child’s needs adapting a unique ‘autistic curriculum’. This not only captures the pupils learning needs but also addresses social, emotional and communication needs of children and young people with autism, and nurtures their independence and well-being. The school can offer a variety of academic qualifications including GCSE and Entry Level Awards depending on the child’s needs.

We adopt the TEACCH (Schopler & Mesibov, 2012) programme in providing an educational intervention for young people with autism. The key principles of TEACCH is to provide an inclusive education program, emphasis on independence, individualised programmes, communication systems and incorporating choice and encouraging flexibility for the pupils we educate.

The school is registered with the National Autistic Society (NAS) and utilises the TEACCH inclusive autistic education programme.

Fair Ways Education offers ABA Therapy as a specialised intervention if this is requested by parents or the LEA for individual young people with autism. The school has a trained therapist with over 17 years’ experience designing individualised ABA programs for young people with autism. Young people on an ABA program will have a full assessment with data analysis taken from specific behaviours and intervention programs designed and overseen by the therapist and trained staff team. This intervention is specialised and uses techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behaviour to help children with autism to live a more meaningful life. In its most simple form the behaviour analysis focuses on positive reinforcement when behaviour is followed by some sort of reward.   Fair Ways School adopts a number of behaviour management interventions and ABA is only one aspect available and runs alongside the ‘autism curriculum’ and never used solely as one tool to support special educational needs.

We Always Ensure

  • No one is disadvantaged educationally and that education provision is a continuous process
  • They either continue their education in the maintained sector or within our own educational organisation with all of the necessary support and provision required
  • They are encouraged to achieve, whatever their abilities, and are confident in their abilities and those achievements
  • Those pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) have those needs met as part of a continuous educational process
  • Those concerned with the education of young people in care constantly strive to deliver high standards in all aspects of education
  • The pupils needs are catered for and that we provide an educational experience in which they can learn without fear or anxiety
  • They receive constant encouragement to, and are able to succeed
  • The requirements of the National Curriculum are taken into consideration as far as possible and that pupils proceed through the examination system appropriate to their abilities and needs
  • All pupils see the celebration of achievement

Useful Information

‘Fair Ways leads a high-quality provision for young people with autistic spectrum conditions and these students demonstrate good progress in their learning and personal development’OFSTED

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