Graduate Management Programme

The aim of the Graduate Management Programme is to recruit candidates who are looking to move into a management position in a care setting, but who do not yet have the skills needed. The Programme will enable graduate candidates to be assessed in the real working environment through a range of assessment methods, whilst gaining experience in a supervisory or management role. This includes job swaps, stepping up, secondments and having access to a mentor in a senior position.

Candidates will also be able to access additional external training and development opportunities.

Candidates will generally learn and be assessed within their work setting, and will have access to a programme of events and training opportunities throughout the year, aimed at building skills and confidence. Experience will be formalised by attainment of a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management. Graduates will also gain knowledge of the different roles, departments, and priorities, and company as a whole, by undertaking a rotation system across departments.

The Programme


Graduate candidates with the potential to undertake a management role in a care setting should apply for the Graduate Management Programme. They will undergo a selection process to assess their potential and commitment, as well as initial assessments in English, Maths and ICT.
Candidates passing the Functional Skills assessment will proceed directly to Stage 3 – enrollment onto the Level 5 Diploma. If the candidate’s results reflect a lower level of achievement, areas for development will be highlighted and they will be required to complete a set of online Functional Assessments.

Functional Skills Assessments will not always be required.

The Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management is a competence-based qualification and is designed to be assessed in the candidate’s workplace as they undertake their normal work activities. With the support of mentors and coaches, they will step up to undertake more senior duties. The Knowledge-based units will be assessed by professional discussions, assignments, questioning, case studies and work product. Recognition of Prior learning can be arranged. Competence-based units will be assessed through working practice, observation and expert witness testimonies. All evidence will be collated in a portfolio, to demonstrate their practice and knowledge, meeting all qualification assessment criteria.

Candidates will undertake additional Management Specific training to further build their confidence and management skills. Training modules will include Supervision, Presentation and Facilitation Skills, Performance Management, Employment Issues, Mentorship, and Project Management.
Candidates will lead their own learning and development by sourcing additional internal or external training, within an agreed budget, overseen by their dedicated mentor. Candidates may also use Fair Ways in-house training courses. Candidates may undertake shadowing, job swaps, secondments and stepping up opportunities where they arise.
On successful completion of the Graduate Management Programme, candidates will be encouraged to apply for management positions within the company. Whilst there is no guarantee of a management position being available, we expect that it is likely.

Grad Programme

3 day Induction training

Workplace Induction

Remainder of core training

Functional Skills (if needed)

Management Induction Booklet

Shift Leader training

Enrolment onto the Level 5 Diploma

Challenging Conversations training

Supervision training

Allocated a small team to supervise

TIPS (Therapeutically Informed Planned Space) – 10 weeks course

Management training modules (Leadership, Performance Management, Talent Management etc)

Coaching and mentorship training

Manager specific training – Performance Management, Time Management, Coaching & Mentoring and Budgets & Planning 

Completion of Level 5 Diploma

Why Choose Fair Ways?

Creating success…

A key value of Fair Ways is to develop our staff so they are able to leave, but choose not to. Fair Ways has a long term commitment to producing the best trained staff, believing this is the key to delivering the best quality care.

Fair Ways Well-being

Successful applicants to the Fair Ways Graduate Management Programme, will access the company well-being programme, including:

  • Employee Committee (Graduate Champion)
  • Career Passport scheme
  • Self-study Portal
  • Mentoring programme
  • Company Healthcare scheme
  • Employee Assistance Programme (24/7 helpline for any personal queries)
  • Corporate discounts
  • Discounted gym membership
  • Pension scheme
  • Competitive salary

Development Opportunities

The Graduate Management Programme is designed to be completed within 2 years and will provide the relevant skills and tools to enable successful graduates the opportunity to become Managers upon completion.

In time, we would expect successful graduates to advance to the most senior positions within Fair Ways.


The programme will take a total of 2 years to complete. This includes the time taken to complete the Level 5 Qualification and all other mandatory training.
It is expected that you will be ready to become a Manager or Assistant Manager upon completion of this programme. Fair Ways has found that the main obstacle we have to opening new homes is a lack of skilled, qualified and experienced people, willing and able to become managers. We expect there will be many management opportunities available.
You will be required to fulfil certain criteria and pass the relevant tests to progress beyond each level, as well as making significant progress throughout your Level 5 qualification.
Candidates will undertake shift work within multiple departments during the programme, which could include Residential Children’s Homes, Post 16 Homes, Family Centre and Education settings. As candidates progress, they will be given increased responsibilities at each placement.
You will work 40 hours per week. A 6 week rota will be created for you which will include working shifts during weekdays, evenings and weekends. The rota will also contain time for additional support and training.
Prior to completing any qualifications, you will undertake Functional Skills assessments. These will ensure your training programme will be structured around you.
Yes. You will be on a Fixed Term contract for 2 years, as an employee of Fair Ways. After 2 years, you are welcome to apply for any management positions that are available and being advertised at the time.
No. Overtime is not expected, but can be undertaken if you choose, in which case it will be paid.
You will receive 20 standard days plus 8 bank holidays based on a full time contract.
Closing Date: 15th January 2017

Assessment Date: 24th January 2017