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  • The meals and arranged activities are really good. I like how my bedroom is decorated and that it is my space.

    Young Person
    Manor Farm

Model of Care

Our practice is informed with a focus on attachment theory. The core values of the home are influenced by Dr Dan Hughes Model of Attachment. This model uses PACE; a way of thinking, feeling, communicating and behaving that aims to make the child feel safe. It is based on how parents connect with their very young infants.

Please see the image below that explains our other model of care, The House Model

Therapeutic Provision

The Hub (clinical and therapeutic) department is based at Fort Wallington in Fareham. The Hub is a multi-disciplinary therapeutic service central to all other Fair Ways services. The Hub works with all Fair Ways services to ensure children’s emotional, social and educational needs are identified through effective screening and clinical assessment.


We believe that all children should have the opportunity to receive education in a mainstream provision, we also recognise that for various reasons this is not always possible. For these children, we can provide the alternative provision.

Manor Farm supports those who are entering higher education such as college and will provide transport to and from the educational centre giving them opportunities to achieve their aspirations.


Manor Farm offers a wide range of activities on and off-site. Staff plan recreational activities with children as part of daily living. Weekly community meetings allow children to discuss their preferences and feed them into a weekly plan of activities. Activities need to be carefully planned to balance realistic activities and leisure pursuits in line with those a child would normally receive in a family or foster care environment.

Opportunities include:


Youth Clubs

Performing Arts


Street Dance




Horse Riding

Football and Rugby


Army and Air Cadets


Children's Guide

Each of our homes have a Children's Guide for our young people, so they know what it is like living with us

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Statement of Purpose

To find out more about Manor Farm, please read our Statement of Purpose


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