Foundation Grants

Fair Ways Foundation Trustees will provide grant support from three designated funds

Fair Ways Foundation will consider all grant requests on the following criteria:

  1. The impact the service or project will have in changing the life chances of the individuals accessing this service?
  2. How the project specifically target individuals who have engaged in services in order to make changes to their lives and life chances?
  3. How effective the project is likely to be in delivering long-term changes to individual lives?
  4. The Grant Application to demonstrate that alternate funding has been sought from a local authority or other state provision?

The Trustees will monitor all grants provided, and where a long term commitment is required, critically review the performance against expected progress.

The Talking Fund

The Talking Fund provides psychological talking therapies to any young people, leaving or recently left  the care system. Applicants will be assessed on needs lead basis.

The treatments and interventions will be provided by a BACP Registered therapist and time or number limited. As sessions will be conducted by a registered therapist, Trustees can satisfy themselves that the sessions are regulated, supervised and provided by a suitably qualified individual.

This fund will be endowed with £5,000 annually and applications open to individuals or organisations operating in the South Coast or Solent region of the UK.

Youth Training Provider Fund

A grant to a suitable training providers who could engage young people who are Not in Education Training or Employment (NEET)  to support them engage these individuals and better prepare them for employment.

This fund will be endowed with £5000 annually and open to applications for suitable training providers in the Solent Area.

The Trustees will identify a preferred list of training providers with proven expertise and commitment to Youth Training.   Successful training providers will be required to demonstrate successful training delivery and track the progress and outcomes of recipients.


Education Bursary Fund

The Education Bursary Fund increases opportunities for Looked After Children to transition to higher education. It does so by funding additional tuition or providing practical support – such as I.T. equipment for individuals aged 16 or over, who are in or are about to leave care. This  fund will specifically support individuals who can evidence high levels of commitment, work and effort to turn around their lives from challenging situations or negative and destructive pathways.

The fund is endowed £5000 annually and applications open to individuals or  organisations operating out of the South Coast or Solent region of the UK.

Other Grants

The Trustees will consider grant applications that do not fall within the  criteria of the Designated Funds. These grant requests must meet the Grant Criteria below and the Objectives of Fair Ways Foundation.