2017 / 2018 Spring Term News and Events

SEMH School

Basketball Tournament – Students took part in a basketball tournament held at Solent university. All students worked hard as well as some staff resulting in Fair Ways coming third. We even had our own mascot (YP NS) who encouraged everyone to get involved. All students had a lovely morning taking park. Thank you to all staff that got involved

Sports Relief – Staff and students engaged in a dodgeball tournament which was led by YP JA as part of her sports assignment which was a great success. Staff and students also wore non-school uniform to raise money and took part in sporting activities in teams and forfeits for the losing team e.g. splat the teacher. It was a great success and students engaged really well raising £81

Women’s International Day – All students celebrated Women’s International Day by filling in worksheets about female role models and to really think about the females that have inspired them in their life

Stephen Hawking – It was sad news to hear about the death of Stephen Hawking. To celebrate his life, students were given various worksheets and quizzes to complete and this gave the students an opportunity to ask questions about Stephen Hawkins and learn about his life

Science Week – Students were given the opportunity to celebrate science week. Each student were asked to research an interesting scientist that they were interest in e.g. a hobby they have. Everyone engaged well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves

Winter Olympics – Winter Olympics were a great success for Team GB this year. Staff and students closely followed the action during breaks and lunchtimes and also had discussions during their sports lessons and student meetings. They also looked at para Olympics and spoke about equality and diversity

Pancake Day – During student meeting students looked at why pancake day is celebrated and the history and origins behind it. They engaged in quizzes and activities

Easter – Students were given the opportunity to go to Gaston Farm where they got to meet the new baby lambs and listen to the workers speak about the farm. Students also engaged in various Easter activities. All students engaged really well and had a great day out. Thank you to the staff that supported the young people with this

World Down Syndrome Day – Staff and students supported world down syndrome day by wearing odd socks to school and paying £1 to do so. Thank you to all staff and students who supported this

Chinese New Year – Students were given the opportunity to explore Chinese New Year during student meeting where they were given a Chinese New Year pack full of information and resources. Students also took part in a quiz


ASC School

New Year – To celebrate the New Year the students reflected on the previous year. Students then discussed New Year’s Resolutions and their goals for 2018

Intech – Students went as a group to Intech in Winchester

Holocaust Memorial – For Holocaust Memorial students learnt about World War 2 and visited the war plane museum in Southampton

Chinese New Year – For Chinese New Year the students participated in a variety of activities on site. They tried a range of Chinese foods, made Chinese lanterns and bunting, and practiced Chinese writing

Internet Safety Week – For E-Safety week the students discussed the importance of internet safety. They designed their own posters and games around staying safe online. Students also discussed E-Safety during their Student Meeting and played an E-Safety game together

Pancake Day – For Pancake Day the students learn about the ways in which Shrove Tuesday is celebrated around the world. They researched celebrations and the different foods eaten to represent Shrove Tuesday. Students then used their research and cooked a recipe eaten on Shrove Tuesday in their chosen country

Fairtrade Fortnight – For Fairtrade Fortnight students went to a variety of supermarkets to research different Fairtrade products available. Students learnt about the meaning of Fairtrade and the importance of Fairtrade products

World Book Day – For World Book Day the students visited libraries and book shop to explore the variety of books available. Students took part in challenges and earnt certificates depending on which challenges they completed

Buddhism / Wesak – For Wesak, students visited a local Buddhist temple. Students also practiced a variety of relaxation yoga poses and meditation techniques, and learnt about the relevance of this in Buddhism

Sports Relief – For Sport Relief the students went to a local park and completed a number of different challenges against each other and staff

Easter – The students participated in an Easter Egg Hunt. They followed clues hidden inside plastic eggs around Totton until they eventually found their final prize