2017 / 2018 Autumn School Term Updates

Alot has been going on since returning to School this academic year, with both Swanwick and Totton taking part in a wide array of activities. Here is just a snippet of the exciting things we have been doing…

Swanwick School

Fire Station Visit
All pupils got the opportunity to go to Cosham fire station and engaged in a variety of activities including using the car cutting equipment, the hoses and gaining knowledge around fire safety.  Staff also supported the pupils throughout the visit and encouraged them to take part in such a fun visit. All pupils returned to school talking about their experiences at the fire station.

Southampton Boat Show
The pupils were given a fantastic opportunity to go and attend the Southampton boat show this year and they thoroughly enjoyed their visit. The pupils got to kayaking, enjoy a rib ride and go on the ferry as well as walking around the show visiting the stall and boats that were on show. Thank you to all staff who support this worthwhile event.

MacMillan Coffee Morning
All pupils at the school took part in the McMillan coffee morning. Pupils began with their preparation throughout the week baking some of the cakes within their catering lessons. On the day of the coffee morning, pupils and staff brought in a variety of different cakes and biscuits and all worked well together to set up the common room ready for the cake sale. Parents and carers were then invited in to the school to enjoy the morning and chat over some coffee and cake. Some pupils were then given the opportunity to visit head office to continue with the cake sale. A massive thank-you to everyone involved with helping the school raise £182.53 for McMillan cancer.

Wembley: England V Slovenia
4 pupils were invited to Wembley to watch England V Slovenia, an opportunity they rarely get. And what a night it was. The staff and pupils had a blast, and to top it off England won!! 

Mental Health Awareness Day
Pupils explored Mental Health in student meeting where they discussed the stigma over Mental Health and the different mental health conditions that people experience. Pupils spoke about ways to seek help and advice and how mental health can make you feel. They spoke about signs of depression but also looked at famous people around the world who are sufferers of mental health. All pupils engaged well throughout the discussions and contributed towards creating a display for the chill out room.

Totton School

Harvest Festival
Students celebrated Harvest Festival by going fruit and vegetable picking at Pickwell Farm. They picked a variety of fruit and vegetables which they brought back to school. The fruit and vegetables were then cooked for everyone to have for lunch the following day.

Southampton Boat Show
All students spent whole day at Southampton Boat Show. They had the opportunity to go on a rib ride, and explore the stalls and boats on display. Everyone had a great time. Thank you to all the staff who made it possible.

MacMillian Coffee Morning
Students recognised Macmillan Coffee morning by baking cakes for and participating in a tea party. Although no money was raised, the students learnt about the valuable work done by Macmillan and the importance of fundraising. The students also designed their own perfect cake.

Black History Month
For Black History Month, all students participated in an afternoon full of activities. They designed their own African symbol which they made into a stamp and used to create their own pieces of patterned cloth. They also had the opportunity to play African drums and dress up in traditional Maori clothing. For lunch students and staff tried Southern USA ‘Soul’ food, including ‘Red beans and Rice’ and ‘Black Eyed Beans’. Throughout the afternoon students learnt about influential black people, both past and present. A great afternoon was had by all.

Outdoor Artists
A number of students went down to Testwood Lakes and learnt how you can use the environment around you to create pieces of art. They created pieces of art using berries, mud, leaves, sticks and clay. The students had a great time. Thanks to all staff who helped to make it successful.

World Food Day
All students had the opportunity to try unusual food and drinks from a variety of countries. They then discussed what they liked or disliked about what they tried. The students also looked at a map to learn about where their food comes from. Thank you to Sam for all her hard work in making it a success and all other staff for their support.